It takes a lot of hard work to become a builder. To then become a highly rated builder is even more of a challenge. At Westwood Family Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality homes with a friendly and highly collaborative service we believe is unmatched in the local area.

We were very pleased when we recently discovered our clients agree – they have voted us as the number one builder in Hobart on Google Reviews(with the best and most five star ratings). What an honour! It’s taken us a lot of hard work and many jobs with many wonderful clients to get here, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

There are a number of things we believe make us unique that have contributed to our reputation as the best custom homebuilder and renovator in Hobart. We believe we can credit our success to the following factors:

Our Values

It’s possible the one aspect of our company that makes us stick out from the rest is our commitment and dedication to our customers. Our decisions are always made with our clients’ interests in mind not our own, which is very rare these days. We're a customer-focused construction company, which means that our clients factor into all our decision making when we’re building a home – from the early stages right until handover.We’re also guided by three principles that shape each and every project we undertake:

1.    Highest quality workmanship

2.   Timeliness and open communication

3.   A professional and certified approach

Years of experience

Our reputation as a top-quality, trusted builder inHobart is rooted in our years of experience building in the city. Each and every project we’ve undertaken has provided us with vital knowledge and expertise about construction. It also means we’re well-equipped to tackle any challenges or complications that may come our way. Westwood Family Homes is a family company and between us we have over 30 years’ experience in the building industry.

Our Guarantees

All projects we undertake at Westwood Family Homes include a 7-point platinum guarantee, which ensures that your home will be built to the highest quality possible, on time and within budget. If we don’t complete your home within the designated timeline, we’ll pay you $115 each day of overtime we need to work. Unfortunately for you, that doesn’t often happen!

A simple, stress free experience

So much of the feedback we receive from clients after we’ve completed their project is how easy we made the building process for them. Over the years in the trade, we’ve come to understand how overwhelming the process can be, especially when it comes to understanding construction lingo and all the paperwork involved. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a seamless, simple building process that takes the stress away from our clients. Besides, who wants the process of building a dream home to be a tense one?

That’s why we thoughtfully guide our clients through each step, from the early brainstorm sessions right through to job completion. Learn more how our easy six-point building process here.

If you’re ready to renovate or build with Hobart’s top rated builder, get in touch with Paul and the team at Westwood Family Homes today!

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