Why should I choose Westwood Family Homes?
Is it possible to live on-site during construction?
How much deposit should I pay the builder to get started?
How will I communicate with my builder once your project starts?
What is a 'provisional sum item'?
Will I have any allowances in the contract?
How does Westwood Family Homes extend and keep a building watertight and secure?
Should I build an extension or start new?
How does paying for the building project work?
What are the different contract options available?
Aren't all building companies the same as one another?
How can we keep the building project on budget?
What insurances do you recommend?
Do I get a guarantee?
Do I get a warranty?
Will my job require a permit?
Why is it important to select a qualified builder for my new build or re-modelling job?
Why should I choose design and build?
Will I have to lodge the building consent?
At what stage do I involve the builder?
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Learn about some of Tasmania's most common new build and renovation mistakes - and how to avoid them!

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