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This is the first opportunity for you to tell us about your project, and for us to ask you some detailed questions. That way we get a good understanding of what you want to achieve. We will also send you a questionnaire to capture this information. We then send out our dream home information pack which has all sorts of useful tips, samples, check lists & information relevant to your build.


Design to Dream Home Session

After you return the questionnaire, our director, Paul Westwood, will visit you to discuss your building project.  He will take you through how we will create your dream home. During this session, we will cover all of your questions and the big topics involved in your building project.


Plans and Design


We transfer your thoughts and dreams onto paper with our reputable architects, followed by the concept plans.


Ballpark pricing is given to ensure that your dream home is financially achievable. This is where you can scale up or down to fit your budget.


Consent plans are then drawn for your approval.


Consent-ready plans are fully costed in our detailed cost breakdown, detailing all aspects of your project.  Not only do we painstakingly price every little detail of your project, but we also employ a trusted quantity estimator to ensure that we are literally 'on the money' with your costing.  There are fees to cover this estimator and the pricing administration.


Budget is agreed upon and plans are sent to the Building Surveyor & or council for approval.


Estimated Cost Plus vs. Fixed Price Contract

We suggest Fixed Price for new homes, and Cost Plus for complex renovations. Here's why...

There's no cushion added:

With an estimated Cost-Plus contract you only pay for what is needed or used, not a cent more. Fixed price contracts have an added contingency built into the costings to allow for any unforeseen works during your build. This cannot be reclaimed, even if there are no unexpected surprises.

Cost plus contracts are more transparent:

Alongside your invoices, you receive a copy of every receipt, for every dollar spent on all materials, sub-contractors, and labour completed to date (time sheets included). The builder’s margin is then added, and all trade rates are shown.

You have more flexibility:

With a Cost-Plus contract you are able to keep your job progressing whilst changes are made, offering more creative freedom. Of course, any changes will be discussed at the time so that you are aware of the best options and any potential impact they may have on the overall budget and finish time.


Confirmation and Start of Job (including Job Progression)

Upon signing a fixed price contract, we provide you with a Schedule of Works with costs for each section. This gives you peace of mind that you are only paying for what has been built. Payments, documentation and correspondence are shown, along with your unique log in code for your online scheduling and programme.

Our custom-built scheduling programme allows you easy access to your job information 24/7. This gives you 100% assurance that your build is on track at all times in both budget and time frames leaving no room for guesswork. We will also meet with you weekly or fortnightly during the course of your build too.


Job Completion

Once your final inspections have been obtained, we will go through your build to ensure every box has been ticked and once you are fully satisfied with the results, we will provide you with the guarantees, certificates and information relating to your job.

Last but not least, we will arrange a commercial clean of your home, so you can move straight in and enjoy your new home.

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