Project Overview

This highly insulated house includes a insulated waffle pod slab, double glazed UPVC windows and door. Also included 2 Rainwater tanks, evacuated tube solar hot water.

The site's soil was highly reactive which meant that there was a lot of movement in the soil. A waffle pod slab helps here by floating on a layer of FCR (fine crush rock). This allows a slip joint between the two surfaces to minimize any movement.

Additional Information

Green design (Uta Green)

More Projects

Waterworks Rd Home

This modest home was the brainchild of passive designer Nigel Jones. With its steep contours and challenging soil, it was a interesting project to get out of the ground.

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Waterworks Rd Extension

On the outskirts of town, this classic cedar and oak cladded home was in need of some more room. With 2 growing boys, some private spaces and more storage was on the cards.

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Molesworth House

The country home is of modest size. It has a insulated waffle pod slab that floats on the less than perfect soil type. With its northerly aspect and large northerly UPVC windows. It is a very comfortable home.

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