Project Overview

The extension was right on the boundary which meant it had to be fire rated to protect the neighbouring properties. A suspended concrete slab was utilized to create a fireproof and waterproof deck. This allowed for a fantastic sunny outdoor area. Screening consisted of painted cement sheet and celery top pine to create a private, but sunny area.

Additional Information

Eadesigns (Gregory Eade), JMG Engineers Hobart

More Projects

Waterworks Rd Home

This modest home was the brainchild of passive designer Nigel Jones. With its steep contours and challenging soil, it was a interesting project to get out of the ground.

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Waterworks Rd Extension

On the outskirts of town, this classic cedar and oak cladded home was in need of some more room. With 2 growing boys, some private spaces and more storage was on the cards.

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Molesworth House

The country home is of modest size. It has a insulated waffle pod slab that floats on the less than perfect soil type. With its northerly aspect and large northerly UPVC windows. It is a very comfortable home.

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